Verse & Prose | Episode No.3

A Thing A Time A Place

Awaiting a breath
That will never come
Wind around corners
Air below pavement
Finding a place
Among the cobble
Wagon wheels trample
Shoes of iron
Pound out songs
Of longing and loss
Against the pavement
My stomach knots up
Stepping out of there
Into snow
Into cold
But I like it
I wouldn’t change it
The frost over the sun
Brilliant white reflections
A sweater
Buttons and zippers
This soup of air
Will saturate and suffocate
Bring the low lows
Any day because
Tomorrow and today
Are few
They come and they go
I’ll wait for you
With a silent coat rack
And boots
Not yet wetted
With the coming snows
Of love

Being Brother Blacksmith

Hammering away
At a life
Yours always
Shape it how you will
Heat yourself
And forge again
Be your own hammer
No other hands
Should hold the handle
Only mindful digits
Should be grasping
The oaken handle of soul
Residing within
Develop calluses
Have scars
These things of learning
And respect
And knowledge
Will only aid
When the sand has run long
And crevasses
Join with your face
As they swallow the mirror
In which you gaze


By Brandon E. Niehaus

Brandon E. Niehaus
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Brandon E. Niehaus has a shoebox full of ideas and occasionally picks one out to focus on. He also enjoys dogs, pocket knives, and reading.
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