Update On Northside Community Council Goals

At the Northside Community Council Meeting on January 27th, board member Sue Wilke provided an update on accomplishments for the first year of the two-year strategic plan the council adopted late in 2012.

Wilke outlined the following Key Results versus Goals:

• Implemented Education mini-grants and made awards to three elementary schools

• Recruited Tutors for Chase and Parker Woods and assisted with Read-A-Loud Program at Chase

• Held a candidates’ forum for election of school board candidates

• Fielded four soccer teams with plans to expand in 2014 and use Parker Woods field as home field

• Developed a business plan to publish a new Northsider newspaper, incorporated the Northsider LLC under the Council and published four issues to date

• Increased communication to community through use of website, Facebook and Nextdoor Northside

• Convened/leading a committee that continues to explore options to replace Save-A-Lot

• Held meetings and continue to work on safety issues with CPD

• Collaborated with the City Planning Department to revise/finalize new Land Use Plan

• Created and worked through a proposal with developer of the Myron Johnson property

• Created and implemented a budget format for use in 2014.

The Council Board decided to table these two goal initiatives:

• Development of a Northside Youth Council

• Establishment of a Green Committee.

The first is being tabled because currently there is no community leadership to move it forward. If leadership does emerge in the community, the council will re-visit the Youth Council goal.   The Board also decided to focus on green initiatives by integrating them into the work of all council committees.

Wilke also outlined the following as major goals for the second year of the Plan:

• Revitalize the Safety and Livability Committee to include a focus on safety; include green initiatives under this committee

• Focus on increasing council membership and recruiting more volunteers for council activities

• Improve the NCC website and implement a membership software database that works

• Hold a community-wide conversation to discuss how Northside wants to support the education of its children

• Secure passage of our Land Use Plan by the city planning commission and City Council

• Explore options for zoning changes in Northside

The entire two-year plan can be found on the Northside Community Council website.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in getting involved in any of these initiatives, please contact Sue Wilke at: suewilke@cinci.rr.com


By Sue Wilke

Sue Wilke is a retired P&G and non-profit executive currently on the boards of the Northside Community Council and CAIN.  A former school board member, she has a strong interest in improving education for all children.


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