UPDATE | Northside Land-Use plan

NLUPU-CoverOn November 18, the Northside Community Council will vote on an update to your Comprehensive Land Use Plan. This Plan sets a vision for the neighborhood for the next 5-15 years and will act as a guide for future growth and development. It has been a pleasure to work with you through this process.

Listening to you was the most important part of this process. I worked closely with a Steering Committee made up of neighborhood leaders to be a constant voice for the neighborhood and to help with public engagement through flyers, social media, and word of mouth. I presented updates at several Community Council meetings and a Business Association meeting. We also held four additional public meetings to obtain citizen input with a total of 180 people attending. 118 of you also filled out our survey, which gave you a chance to provide additional input.

You told us that you like your business district and wanted to make sure that new development is consistent with the existing character of the neighborhood. You stressed the importance of green space and that you want a wider mix of housing types, including more senior housing for all incomes so you can age in place. You voiced your concerns about property maintenance issues, drug dealing and crime, and the performance of neighborhood schools.

This Plan seeks to enhance the qualities that make Northside such a great neighborhood, while also addressing neighborhood issues. It is broken up into two parts. The first part is the Future Land Use Map, which shows potential land use boundaries that will assist you in maintaining and enhancing your neighborhood character. The boundaries are just a guide and do not place any actual restrictions on property. All existing uses will be able to continue.

The second part of the Plan contains your goals and objectives. The goals are broken into five areas, which mirror the format of Plan Cincinnati, the City’s comprehensive plan: Compete, which deals with attracting businesses and residents to the area, Connect, which focuses on transportation and infrastructure, Live, which focuses on housing and cultural development, Sustain, which focuses on health and greenspace, and Collaborate, which focuses on working together to reach common goals.

You can view a full draft version of the Plan and the Future Land Use Map here or at www.northside.net or the Library. If you have questions, please contact me at 352-4882 or james.weaver@cincinnati-oh.gov.


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