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Image 2Fresh summer produce is the star of farmers markets, but any good market team works to round out the selection to include as many locally made items as possible so that customers can complete more of their weekly shopping in one place. Since the Northside Farmers Market opened for the 2015 outdoor season, it has added several new vendors. To compliment the current 14 farmers, 4 bakers, 3 prepared food vendors, one coffee roaster, one soap maker, and three food trucks, the market added Baudry, LLC, which specializes in Éclairs, and Aunt Flora’s, Cincinnati pie maker. Desserts found at the farmers market can be healthier than processed cookies and pies from a grocery store. The artisan bakers and cooks of the Northside Farmers Market prefer natural and whole ingredients, and work to source ingredients locally when possible.

Here is a list of vendors who sell sweet treats at your local farmers market:

AIM Specialty

This young family from Adams County drives to our market every other week to whip up sourdough donuts for market customers. Aunt Flora’s The market’s newest vendor sells whole pies in fresh flavors.

Baudry, LLC

Baudry attends the market every other week with exquisite Éclairs and cream puffs. Perhaps the most decadent dessert at the market, Baudry offers multiple flavors of fillings, like Lime and Chocolate.

Blue Oven Bakery

Maker of the city’s tastiest chocolate or almond croissants, Blue Oven also serves up seasonally flavored Danish.

Carriage House Farm

Some of the best honey in town. Natural and delicious.

Chocolats Latour

Chocolats Latour frequents the market in the spring, fall and winter, when the weather is cool enough to have chocolate out without melting. Chocolate bars feature local ingredients in unusual flavor combinations and the candies are works of art.

Cluxton Alley

Hidden among locally roasted coffee beans, you can usually find some decedent coconut macaroons on their table.

Cucina Della Patrizia

Patrizia gives you good reason to stop by her booth every week. She makes authentic Italian desserts like her lemon scented ricotta dish and fruit tarts made with fresh berries she picks herself on a farm in Indiana.

Early Bird Garden and Bakery

Emily from Early Bird lives in Northside and bakes gluten free and vegan cookies, muffins, and scones that are full of flavor.

Running Creek Farm

Starting around February and March, Running Creek has maple syrup for sale tapped from local trees. It doesn’t last till summer, so make sure to visit the market in winter 2016 to get a bottle.

Shadeau Breads

Shadeau brings pecan rolls and scrumptious blueberry Danish. Street Pops For something cool and refreshing to eat at the market, try a Cincinnati made popsicle in fun flavors.

FOR MORE INFO: The Northside Farmers Market is held every Wednesday, from 4-7pm, year round. Market Location: May – Oct 15: Jacob Hoffner Park, 4101 Hamilton Ave Northside. Visit us Online: www.northsidefm.org


By Ana Bird

Ana Bird works at Northside Farmers Market as Market Manager, and at Imago, as program coordinator in environmental education, and authors Cincinnati food blog Our Local Kitchen. She also teaches youth ballet classes at UC and Baker Hunt Cultural Center.

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