The Northsider Monthly is released on the first Friday of each month. Content is due on the Thursday prior to the issue release at 5PM.

(Not sure when that is? Check here for deadline details.)

In an effort to make the layout and editing process easier, please adhere to the following guidelines:
Article Submission Guidelines:

  1. Content submission deadline: Thursday prior to issue release at 5PM. If the article is not submitted by the Thursday before we cannot guarantee that the article will be in the next issue of the paper.
  2. Email all articles to:
  3. Save your document as a Microsoft word document, preferably with the .doc extension (this is word 97-2003 document in the “save as type” dialog box).
  4. Your title should say the issue date followed by the topic or name (whichever is shortest), for example: March2014LandUsePlan.doc
  5. Word count- unless otherwise agreed upon:
  • Columns, news articles and features- 500-650 words
  • Announcements, community highlights and events- 150-200 words

Include with your article the following, organized in this order:

Author name: First, Last- title optional
Article headline: Something catchy, the shorter the better
Article subheading (optional): If you have a sub-heading include it
Article blurb (optional): 2-3 sentences summarizing the main subject of the article
Article text: single spaced, no indent, hard return between paragraphs.
Word count: Full count of article text, minus headline, title and details
Suggested pull quote (optional): Quotes of interest
Author bio (optional):New authors can submit an optional headshot to be included with article. Include a small paragraph, 20-40 words or so, summarizing who you are. Ex: Jeni Jenkins is a freelance graphic designer and currently an active member of Northside Community Council
Relevant links or more information to include (optional): Include pertinent information such as websites, contacts, phone numbers, etc.
Sidebars (optional) Small sub-stories related to the main article
Image Submission Guidelines: Please be certain that you have permission of the owner of the image first. Attach the images as jpegs/png/pdf in the same email as the article. PLEASE DO NOT EMBED THE PHOTOS IN THE ARTICLE OR SEND LINKS TO IMAGES TO DOWNLOAD
Image(s) description: Image 1: (title)

Image 2: (title)

Image caption(s): Caption Image 1

Caption Image 2

Suggestions: date, location, name of subject(s), describe the actions taking place etc. Also, if using someone else’s images be sure and get their permission to use and include the photographer’s name. If they didn’t take it, but submitted it, say submitted by:Label image and image description with same title