Ruth’s Parkside to Host Fundraiser Feast

Ruth's Parkside 1-Year-Anniversary To Benefit The Northside Community Fund

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Many of you have received a letter in the mail recently describing the work of the Northside Community Fund.  This letter is well worth a second look if you haven’t already taken the time to digest it.  Since 2005 the NCF has made grants in the amount of $49,665 dollars to projects and groups that are a vital part of the neighborhood.2013-welcome-guide-report-card

In the spirit of the work of the NCF, Ruth’s Parkside Café is hosting a Fundraiser Feast to help the Fund reach its endowment goal, thereby ensuring that it may more easily continue to fuel important activities in Northside.   Ruth’s will be using the occasion of its first anniversary for this event, and plans each year to use its anniversary to benefit a Northside non-profit.


The Feast will take place Sunday, October 12, from 5-8:00. The $30 ticket includes a fabulous Ruth’s Parkside Café Buffet and music by the Faux Frenchmen. It’s a cash bar. Reservations require payment in advance, which you can do by visiting or calling Ruth’s at 542-RUTH(7884). You can also visit their website to view more details;


By Mary Kroner

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