Planning the Future of Northside Community Education Continued

Photo: Andrea Millette

The first of three sessions on the future of Northside schools was held on June 10th.

Despite the stormy night, some sixty parents, residents, non-profit leaders, educators  and interested community members turned out to share their unique story of the relationship between the community, youth and our schools, and to begin create a shared vision for how the whole community can work together to support and nurture the children of Northside.

Using small group breakout sessions, facilitators David Weaver and Eileen Cooper Reed led two sessions through a series of story telling questions designed to identify the gifts participants could share with our school communities.  Major themes that emerged from the small groups included a “readiness and urgency to go forward, collaboration to use people’s strengths, everybody wins-school and community, overcoming frustrations and obstacles and connecting resources, and a passion and dedication to improving

the welfare of our children.”  Gifts attendees were willing to share were many.  Just a few were “ability to bring people together, collaborative spirit, caring and commitment, leadership, listening, and an ability to connect with children.

Two more working sessions sponsored by the Northside Community Council and Cincinnati Public Schools are planned for September and October.  The session on September 10th  at Parker Woods Elementary  will work on creation of a shared vision by identifying those things stakeholders decide are important for the education and well being of Northside children.

The third working session on October 1st  “Sharing Our Resources” will focus on the strategies especially roles, responsibilities and commitment of stakeholders in making this vision possible.  Follow-up next steps will also be defined.

More details about these evening sessions will be announced later this summer. Please mark your calendars and hold these dates.

For more info: Contact Education Committee Chair Sue Wilke at

By Sue Wilke

Sue is a retired P&G and non-profit executive currently on the boards of the Northside Community Council and CAIN. A former school board member, she has a strong interest in improving education for all children.



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