Northside Teens Walk for Health and Happen

It’s never too early to begin developing good fitness habits, and participants in Happen’s Teen Hall will soon be taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle with a side of friendly competition and community empowerment thrown in. This April, seven Northside teens will participate in Happen’s Teen Hall Fit & Fun Fundraiser, a step counting competition to help raise money for the Happen Outside green space on Hoffner Ave.

By using FitBit Zip pedometers donated to Happen by Barefoot Proximity, a web design and advertising agency in downtown Cincinnati, the teens will track their steps for 14 days. With each step, teens can increase their chances of winning one of several cash prizes for categories such as walking the most steps in two weeks or walking the most steps in one day. With the help of community members making a Step by Step pledge of just a penny per step, the teens can really step up for Happen, Inc. just by putting one foot in front of the other.

Happen’s Teen Hall is a Happen, Inc. outreach program for Northside teens where they can “have fun and make a difference” while hanging out and learning about opportunities to take part in fun, community-building activities. Any Northside teen, ages 13 – 17, who is interested in participating in Happen’s Teen Hall Fit & Fun Fundraiser is invited to come to the next Happen’s Teen Hall meeting on Saturday, February 27th at 6:00pm. The Teen Hall Meeting will be held in Happen’s studio at 4201 Hamilton Ave. After the Teen Hall Meeting, each teen will go through an interview processto help them develop important job seeking skills, and by the end of March, the final seven steppers will be selected. In mid-April the teens will be given their FitBits and the competition will begin. While the teens are encouraged to walk as much as possible on their own, the program will also include the opportunity for them to go on several Northside learning walks with adult Happen, Inc. volunteers.

Once the competition is underway, teens, sponsors and community members can keep track of each participant’s step count on Happen, Inc.’s website www.happeninc. org. After the completion of the two week event, Happen will announce the winners and soon after, host a community get together at Happen Outside to celebrate the teens, sponsors and volunteers who participated in the fundraiser.

If you’re interested in opportunities to become a naming sponsor of Happen’s Teen Hall Fit & Fun Fundraiser or to make a Step by Step pledge for one teen’s steps for one day, please contact Happen Director, Tommy Rueff at And keep your eyes on the Happen windows and the new Happen website for more information about this and other great Happen programming.

Call: (513) 751-2345

HAPPEN, INC. Art activities for parents & children 4201 Hamilton Ave (& Chase)

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