Northside Featured Artist – Luke Lehenbauer

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.41.20 AMLuke Lehenbauer is the Creative Service Team Lead at Epipheo, in downtown Cincinnati. As acting Team Lead, you can find him overseeing Epipheo’s team of Animators, Style Artist, Animatic Artists, Sound Designers, Composers, Writers, Story Leads, and Freelancers.

The cover illustration is representative of the diverse people of Northside in Winter. Yes, Northside is walkable, has great housing options, is close to downtown, has beautiful parks, and some really amazing history; But the thing that really makes Northside, is it’s people. There are so many diverse people living amongst each other here, and this is the biggest reason Luke and his family will continue to live in and contribute to Northside for years to come.

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