Northside Community Council News | Big Changes That Will Shape Our Neighborhood

Several big picture projects on the horizon in Northside

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Photo Credit: Cincy RedBike.

We have several big picture projects underway in Northside. These efforts focus on “connectivity”  and will shape our neighborhood over the next several years and beyond. 

4000 Block of Hamilton Avenue

Northside’s 2014 Land Use Plan calls for improvements to the 4000 block of Hamilton Avenue (Knowlton’s Corner to Hoffner Park).  Over time, most of the empty storefronts of our business district have come to life with the many neighborhood businesses we love.  The 4000 block, which is many people’s first impression of Northside, still has several properties that are vacant or in disrepair. Filling in these gaps will help connect our businesses as a single walkable district. A collaboration of organizations, including Community Council, Business Association, CNCURC (soon to be know as NEST), the City Department of Trade and Development, and the Port Authority, will be working with business and property owners to help this block shine.

Metro Hub

Outside of Government Square Downtown, Knowlton’s Corner is the busiest bus transfer station in the city. For decades now, Northside has been lobbying for a Metro hub to alleviate the bus congestion along Hamilton Avenue.  The effort has found some momentum, as Metro administration is actively planning for a “hub” to streamline commuting.  As location details are pinned down, Metro is planning to bring their planning team to Northside Community Council and Northside Business Association to collect community input.

Northside Arterial Project

After several years of planning, Department of Transportation and Engineering (DOTE) is preparing to begin several major street improvements through the neighborhood.  Much of the focus will be placed on improving traffic flow following the deletion of the Elmore Street Exit from I-74.  Blue Rock, which is now the primary entrance to the Neighborhood from the interstate, will be getting a face-lift, including street trees and wider sidewalks.  Several roads in the Spring Grove – Colerain – Elmore area will change from one-way traffic to two-way traffic to accommodate flow.  DOTE will be attending a Community Council meeting this spring to provide an update.

Cincy RedBike

You have probably seen the rows of red bikes stationed in Clifton and Over the Rhine as part of Cincinnati’s RedBike bike share program.  In 2015, Northside will be joining the network, with our first station scheduled for installation in the vicinity of Hoffner Park.  This will be accompanied by a new station to be installed at Cincinnati State.  Northside will be the first neighborhood outside of the Downtown-Uptown corridor to join the bikeshare program!


The next Northside Community Council meeting will be March 16th, 7 p.m. at McKie Recreation Center, 1655 Chase Ave. Northside. 

By Ollie Kroner


Ollie Kroner
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A resident of Northside most of his life, Ollie is president of the Northside Community Council and is an Environmental Scientist with the TERA Center.

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  1. Leroy Waters // March 8, 2015 at 12:33 pm // Reply

    The RedBike project and the bike lanes on Central Parkway which have eliminated parking lanes and closed through lanes in certain areas leaving only one lane of through traffic is ridiculous.

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