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An Interview

Kristen Kreft is the lead singer for a local “Garage Soul” band with a hot new CD prepped for imminent release.

Kristen Kreft. Photo: Kate Mitchell

Big laugh. Warm smile. She wears an old arch top guitar with just as much swagger as her customary cowboy boots and pillbox hat. She’s not here to impress you, but she does it anyway. Get used to it. Another big laugh.

Kristen Kreft is the lead singer for a local “Garage Soul” band with a hot new CD prepped for imminent release. As their website says:

“The Perfect Children are the romp and stomp; the fresh wound of broken love; laughing in spite of pain. They are a girl with something to say and a boy to help deliver the message, cathartic but engaging. Their energy is infectious, the notes ring out and the space between is an emotional exhalation-personal but vague. They live at the intersection of Holly Golightly, Dex Romweber, Nina Simone, Al Green, and Otis Redding.”

Once you see their show, it’s easy to see why they were nominated for not just “Best Live Act,” but also “Best R&B/Soul/Funk Band” at last year’s Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. There’s a raw intensity that’s built among the members Beth Harris and Nicole Potter Borngrebe handle the harmonies, while drum and bass duties fall to Adam Shelton and Victor Strunk.

Blues meets punk meets gospelbilly at the crossroads of Woo and Hoo. A deal is made.

On Friday August 22, The Perfect Children will release their newest CD-“Get Me Mine” at Northside Tavern. Special guests include Brian Olive and DJ Harvination.

We asked Kristen a bunch of random questions and to our delight she answered them:

detailsWhat was the last song you were listening to?

Man Smart, Woman Smarter—Harry Belafonte

What were you listening to that song on? (car stereo, elevator speakers, etc)

My 1993 Toyota Previa Mini Van—LOUD!

What was the first musical instrument you ever played?

I started the Baldwin Technique on a Cigar Box and Ruler in preparation for the violin which I began around three and played until I was about 6…then I started piano.

Were you allowed to go outside much when you were a kid?

I was not allowed to be inside a lot if it was nice out. I remember practicing violin under the apple tree in our side yard.

Did your parents play music?

I grew up in a uniquely musical environment as my father worked at Fraternity Records and Counterpart Studios. He plays guitar and has the coolest collection of instruments of anyone I know.

Name or describe your dream musical instrument. Money is no object.

Great question! I have found that what is more important to me is the Amp rather than the instrument. I play now, through a Fender 1966 ProReverb amp that pretty much makes me feel like a rock star every time I plug it in. I suppose I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a 1955 Les Paul though. I also have a vintage Wurlitzer Electric Piano that is really my dream piano, so looking at my answer, I seem to be a pretty happy girl.

You get to jam with anyone in the world. Ever. Who is it? 

WOW!! EVER??? UGGG…. Well Nina Simone. Because she would school me on EVERYTHING!!!

Complete this sentence: “I’m so Northside, because…”

I get my breakfast at Sidewinder. (see below breakfast question.)

What do you usually eat for breakfast?


Name a movie title that describes how you feel about the music industry:

20 Feet From Stardom. I am, at heart, a vocalist. I love to sing. I live to sing. If I could do anything in the world ever, it would be to sing. Aside from fronting a band and writing material, I whole heartedly enjoy singing backup and supporting other artists. The bond that you experience simply singing with other like minded vocalists is spiritual, other worldly, telepathic even.

So that really doesn’t answer your question per say, but I don’t think there is a movie that speaks to the industry right now as it is in a kind of limbo….but, being a single mom of a 4 year old, I am literally going to see a movie at a theater , for the first time in 4 years tomorrow. So, there’s that.

Who first told you that they liked your music?

My mom and dad.

Which is your favorite- live shows or studio recording?

I love both. They are so incredibly different. Live is so raw, naked, and in the moment. It takes on what ever is happening in your life at that very moment in time. All of your love and fear and happiness and silliness and seriousness comes out in seconds. No apologies. The studio is a different kind of naked. It’s the kind of vulnerability that you only share with those you are in a relationship with. It’s a sacred time that I cherish deeply.

What’s shaking in the next year or two for ya?

I plan on releasing “Get Me Mine” and then spreading it around regionally. I want to share these songs and this band with everyone I can.


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