Northside Design firm gives entry garden a new look. Photo by Cynthia Allen

Have you driven by or walked around the Ludlow viaduct entrance into Northside lately? If you have, perhaps you noticed the garden in front of the Capazollo building has had a major makeover.


Michelle Andersen of Flourish Design and her crew volunteered their time and plants to revitalize this garden. Like all things, it took the village of Northside to make it happen. The old sprinkler system put in some 10 years ago was broken and needed to be repaired. And that required funds.


“It is a great project for the NCC to sponsor,” said James Heller-Jackson, a Northside Community Council board director. “That entry into Northside forms an important first impression for the thousands of visitors to and through our neighborhood each day.”


“The Northside Community Council and the Northside Community Fund were really pleased to fund the repair of the watering system.” said Tim Jeckering, chair of the Northside Community Fund. By the way, Tim deserves some big appreciation for diligently keeping the lot mowed for several years now.


Anderson, who is also a Northside resident and business owner, has a sustainable plan in mind.


“Right now there are a variety of perennials that will become way more interesting come next summer including Baptisia, Liatris, Penstemon, Nepeta, Salvia, and Sedum,” said Anderson. ”My long term goal would be to include a few changes each year, improving the look at feel as time goes on. One of my goals is to break up the large blobs of barberry and Juniper with something more beautiful such as hydrangea. I also want to add some dynamic tall grasses such as Saccharum ravennae.”


Going forward, Anderson’s right-hand woman and another Northside resident, Eva Villalobos, will be the gardener-of-the-plot, ensuring the maintenance and seasonal sprucing up with annuals. Please thank Michelle Anderson and Flourish Landscape, the Northside Community Council and the Northside Community Fund. And when you wander past that garden, appreciate its unfolding beauty. 


Flourish Design specializes in landscape and interior design. Visit its website at

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