The NBA parking lots on Hamilton Avenue have finally received the much needed maintenance to the pavement, and all parking spaces have been clearly identified. Lighting has been updated and signs will be added before summer’s end.

These public parking utilities are critical to our continued success in the redevelopment of our business district. Without clean, safe and affordable parking our retailers, eateries, and entertainment businesses would suffer significantly. Please support the Northside parking program through each and every one of us doing our part in paying the small fees, educating our employees and customers of their great value and convenience, and by spreading the word to everyone that Northside has the best parking program around. Everyone’s support helps to maintain and expand our community parking program. More convenient parking equals more room for customers that patronize all of our businesses. Without all of your loyal patronage, we couldn’t continue to make this program successful.

A big thanks to Happen Inc. and their youth programs who have been cleaning our sidewalks this summer twice each week. Their hard work and diligent efforts have made a marked improvement in the cleanliness of our business district sidewalks. Make sure to thank them when you see them passing by. Please encourage everyone to “pitch-in” and help support these fine young folks who are supporting all of us. We can all do our share by taking the time to sweep up in front of our businesses in between their clean-up sweeps, and to remind everyone that litter hurts all of our businesses.

This is OUR neighborhood, let’s keep it clean! There are a lot of good things going on, and a revitalized focus on the curb appeal and overall appearance of the business district. Great strides have been taken, many improvements have been made, but there still remains much to be done. As long as we all work together towards these common goals and participate in our business district, collectively we can make a big difference. Keep up the good work!


Meeting: The NBA meets the first Monday of the month at Happen, Inc, 4201 Hamilton Avenue. Enter the building through the door on Chase at Hamilton.

Online: www.northside.net/nba


By Jim Swafford, NBA President

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