FREE Energy Assessment for Northside Homes Continues in August

FREE Energy Assessment for Northside Homes Continues in August Last month, you learned about the ground breaking effort led by the partnership of the City of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Union Coop Initiative (CUCI), Empower Gas & Electric, the Green Umbrella, and Sustainergy Cooperative to help Northsiders cut their energy bills, increase their home’s comfort, while reducing their CO2 emission and creating local jobs. A win-win for everyone!

To accomplish this, in July, Sustainergy Cooperative and Empower offered FREE energy assessments to the first 30 homeowners who called. Due to how successful these first energy audits proved to be, FREE energy assessments (valued at $150) will continue to be available in August. After the assessment, the homeowner will be given low cost, high impact energy upgrade recommendations to significantly reduce their energy bills, such as attic insulation, Wi-Fi Thermostats, and LED lighting.

This unprecedented effort in Northside is due to the leadership of Sustainergy and CUCI who have been working on behalf of the neighborhood to persuade this city-wide initiative to start its energy-saving efforts here. Not only will Sustainergy improve the neighborhood’s carbon footprint and save homeowners money, it is a Northside business and will create family-sustaining jobs in Northside!

For Northsiders who have not already heard about Sustainergy Cooperative, it is the newest social enterprise launched, by the CUCI just as it has launched or is working on launching Sustainergy’s sisters business, Apple Street Market and Our Harvest Cooperative. Sustainergy will also be a worker-owned business in which the profits are fairly shared among its worker-owners.

Sustainergy is a residential energy savings company (ESCO). The cooperative specializes in helping homeowners reduce their utility costs and increase indoor comfort. It provides low cost, high impact home improvements that are engineered to quickly pay for themselves through the heating and cooling savings. Additionally, homeowner can receive up to $750 in rebates. Typically these upgrades, can save homeowners up to $900 per month.

Currently, Sustainergy is looking to hire experienced insulation installers and salespeople. If you are interested in becoming a worker-owner of the cooperative, we would love for you to apply. If interested, contact Additional training will be provided!

If you want to cut your energy bills and improve your home comfort call 614-371-8298 for your FREE assessment ask for your Northside business, Sustainergy Cooperative; or go online use the promo code: SUSTAINERGY at

If you want to learn more about democratically owned business model or want a carrier with Sustainergy Cooperative call 513.295.7241 or visit


By: Maria Dienger and Flequer Vera

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