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A chance to set an example for the City and Nation

Northside has a chance to set an example for the City and the Nation with Apple Street Market, Apple Street Market is a project by the Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative to have a full-service grocery at the former Save-A-Lot location.

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AppleStreet_Northside_Logo Apple Street Market is a project by the Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative to have a full-service grocery at the Save-A-Lot location. Apple Street Market began its Community-Ownership drive Monday, June 2nd. As of July 20th, we have over 100 Community-Owners with an election upcoming August 24th and August 25th for the Community-Owner Board member.

This project was initiated when Northside’s only grocery store, Save-A-Lot, closed in September 2013, leaving the neighborhood without a large-scale grocer to serve the community. We need to raise a substantial amount of equity from the community to start another full-service grocery, and to convince other sources of funds that Apple Street Market would have a real consumer base to survive and thrive.

For our schedule to work, we need a substantial amount of Community-Owners by the end of August. Around 2,000 Community-Owners would ensure success by demonstrating a loyal consumer base. The landlord of the former Save-A-Lot has been patient and generous, giving us time to fundraise and letting us host a community party in the parking lot on July 19th. However, there is no guarantee that the landlord will be able to afford waiting much longer. Other tenants are interested, and that building is the last affordable and feasible space for a grocery without the project being cost prohibitive.

This opportunity, to replace our last full service grocery, is not just an opportunity to have a cooperative or to have a grocery store within walking distance, Apple Street Market is a chance to show the nation that a need can be met by the people of a community uniting over a common goal.

Too often communities have to rely on waiting and hoping that a well-funded investor will bring the type of business that is necessary for it. The investment trend since the 1970’s has been an increase in temporary and part-time jobs and a decrease in well paid full-time jobs. This has decimated the middle class and left America with a consumer base increasingly reliant on credit and unable to pay for the goods, houses, and services available. The Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative is trying to reverse that trend by creating good jobs and worker-ownership so that employees can sustain their families without government assistance.

All across the city and nation food deserts are appearing as lower and middle-income neighborhoods are seeing their grocery stores leave. This has real measurable effects on the health of a community. Lack of proximity to a grocery store decreases the likelihood of a healthy diet and measurably increases related diseases and health problems.

Northside is already a fantastic community, known for its unique and progressive atmosphere, for the best Fourth of July parade, for its tolerance, and for the beauty of the surrounding parks. Northside is also known for its diversity, where people of all walks of life and different levels of income feel welcome. If Apple Street Market succeeds, the entire city and nation will look to Northside for yet another reason, because we have shown an example of how a food desert is solved from within. We cannot do it without you, and you cannot do it without your neighbors. We have to do this together or not at all.

For more info: visit our website at 

For questions, or to get involved: 

Casey Whitten-Amadon (Project Manager); (513) 368-9694

Mail your Community-Owner contract with check or money order to:

Apple Street Market Cooperative

P.O. Box 24192

Cincinnati, OH 45224

Sign checks or money orders to “Cincinnati Development Fund FBO Apple Street Market” or “Cincinnati Development Fund” for “Apple Street Market.” This account will be held in Escrow by the Cincinnati Development Fund at Northside Bank until we reach viability amount, which is at least $150,000. No money will be spent until that amount is reached.


Casey Whitten-Amadon
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Casey is a licensed attorney in the State of Ohio specializing in Labor Law, Employment Law, and Labor Relations. He works with CUCI as project manager for Apple Street Market Cooperative and is the Stand-In Director for the Worker-Owner class. Born in College Hill, Casey’s family first moved to Northside in 1995.
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