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Northside’s Grassroots Grocery Store Gets a Boost

The status of the bittersweet closing of the old Save­-A­-Lot grocery store in Northside has just been upgraded to “sweet”.  The Apple Street Market will be a full service grocery store, focusing on the diverse needs, personality, and interests of Northsiders.  Promising fresh produce, deli items, and quality meats, Apple Street Market is a cooperative business, owned by contributors from the neighborhood.  $100 makes you a stakeholder, while local nonprofits, such as the Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative (CUCI), are helping with the launch, as well.

In order to boost awareness of the co­op, Northsider Rachelle Caplan headed the Apple Street Market Party, with games, live music, food trucks, and booths. On Saturday, July 19, supporters converged on  the future stomping grounds of the new grocery store, 4145 Apple Street.  The event featured a BMX demo by Dominic LoPresti (from SPUN), a Jello­n­Spoon Race (Happen Inc.), a food justice discussion (Village Green), and live musical performances by Kristen Kreft, Beth Harris, Eugenius, Folded Patches, Mavis Concave, and Abiyah.

“The Apple Street Market Party was a testament to the diversity and passion of the Northside community,” says performer Abiyah.  Her favorite highlight being “a fantastic impromptu freestyle rapping and singing session by several of the neighborhood youths.”

The performers share an unclouded appreciation for the cooperative.

“It’s great to see such a diverse community come together for progressing such an important project for the area,” boasts performer Eugenius. The party was certainly made up of a wide variety of ages, demographics, and walks of life; a positive representation of the community.

The most popular booth was the Happen Inc. Tomato Toss learning game.  The Happen Inc. booth awarded tomatoes to kids who were able to identify dairy ingredients on the packaging of food products.  The tomatoes then were tossed by competitors into a giant Campbell’s Soup can.  The competitor who was able to knock over the giant can was awarded a gift certificate to Happen Inc.’s Toy Lab.

“We are around 130 Community­Owners,” event organizer Rachelle Caplan explains. “We received close to over 800 responses to our survey from households in Northside and 900 responses from households in College Hill. We originally wanted to open early 2015 but we need support from the community to reach that scheduled date. If we don’t get it then we can’t open that early, so we will see how August goes.”

 For more info: If you are interested in becoming a member­owner, visit applestreetmarket.coop for more details.  Shareholders will enjoy select grocery discounts, informative newsletters, the right to run for a seat on the Apple Street Market board of directors, patronage refunds in profitable years, and more.  Your share is fully refundable.


By Nick Mitchell


Nick Mitchell
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