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Jeni Jenkins
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Managing Editor/Design/Layout Jeni Jenkins is an artist/graphic designer as well as an educator, writer, director, actor and community advocate. She loves being part of the village of Northside and contributing to its uniqueness. Jeni is an active member of the Northside Community Council and owns and operates Uncaged Bird Print and Design Studio, a Northside graphic design studio.
Churches Active In Northside
About Churches Active In Northside (9 Articles)
CAIN is a neighborhood ministry that transforms lives and inspires hope by providing nutritious food, crisis assistance, resources, and compassion in a way that respects human dignity and builds a more vibrant community.
Nick Mitchell
About Nick Mitchell (7 Articles)
Nick is a touring musician and the co-founder of Grasshopper Juice Records. He and his wife moved to Northside three years ago in appreciation of its alternative culture.
Cynthia Allen
About Cynthia Allen (5 Articles)
Cynthia Allen is a partner in Future Life Now, a holistic health center in Northside/Cincinnati. She is an expert in walking, joint health and just about anything related to movement as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence. Reach her at 513.541.5720,, or email her at
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Ollie Kroner
About Ollie Kroner (5 Articles)
A resident of Northside most of his life, Ollie is president of the Northside Community Council and is an Environmental Scientist with the TERA Center.
Larry Wells
About Larry Wells (4 Articles)
Larry R. Wells, M.Div, MSW is a partner in Future Life Now and Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He has also trained extensively in the Sounder Sleep System® approach to insomnia.
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About Alisa Balestra (4 Articles)
Alisa Balestra is a Northside resident and is a Specialist-Project Management and Clinical Research Professional at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. You can find Balestra running the streets of Northside, hiking in Parker Woods, biking in the Spring Grove Cemetery, or eating delicious vegan eats around the neighborhood.
Steve Sunderland
About Steve Sunderland (4 Articles)
Steve Sunderland, Northsider, is director of the Peace Village and a former professor of peace at the University of Cincinnati.
Kamal Kimball
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Happen Inc.
About Happen Inc. (4 Articles)
Happen, Inc. is an award-winning non-profit arts organization that brings together children and adults through art.
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Lindsay Cavagnaro
About Lindsay Cavagnaro (3 Articles)
Lindsay is relatively new to Northside moving here in November of 2012. She was drawn here by the sense of community and acceptance Northside offers and plans to stay and contribute for many years to come.
Rae Hoffman
About Rae Hoffman (3 Articles)
Rae Hoffman lives in Northside with her pug, Athena. She has a BA and MFA in Poetry. She has been published in Kenning, Poetica Magazine, Red River Review, and is forthcoming in Mojo.
WordPlay Cincy
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Un Jin Krantz
About Un Jin Krantz (2 Articles)
Un Jin loves food, cooking, Northside and her neighbors.
Libby Hunter
About Libby Hunter (2 Articles)
Libby Hunter, co-founder and Executive Director of WordPlay Cincy. WordPlay is a community-driven 501c3 non-profit that provides free tutoring, literacy & creative writing programs for students K-12. It is a place for children to connect with caring volunteers who work in partnership with parents & teachers to realize success in and beyond the classroom.
Kristen Barker
About Kristen Barker (2 Articles)
Kristen is the President of the Cincinnati Union Co-op Initiative. As a community organizer for the past 12 years, she fosters faith, labor & community partnerships. She is the mother of a resilient daughter with special needs. She is a lifelong Cincinnati resident (except 2 years in El Salvador) and lives in Northside.
Jonathan Sears
About Jonathan Sears (2 Articles)
Artist and designer Jonathan Sears is the Executive Director of Professional Artistic Research (PAR) Projects. As an individual, he’s been studying art his entire life culminating with an MFA degree from The University of Maryland College Park in 2006. These days he looks to build an arts & education center for Northside and help teach practical arts training to teens and adults of our region.
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Mati Senerchia
About Mati Senerchia (2 Articles)
Mati has been a Northside resident for eight years.
Cincinnati Urban Promise
About Cincinnati Urban Promise (2 Articles)
Cincinnati Urban Promise, Inc. seeks to create holistic change in the lives of individuals, families, and neighborhoods by meeting their spiritual, physical, emotional, and academic needs through a Christ-centered approach to education, empowerment, and loving relationship.
Ginger Dawson
About Ginger Dawson (2 Articles)
Ginger Dawson has been a resident and urban gardener in the Mutter Gottes/Old Town Neighborhood and historic district in Covington, Kentucky for 26 years. She maintains a close affiliation with the Northside community as well.
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Andyman Hopkins
About Andyman Hopkins (2 Articles)
Andyman Hopkins is a local musician and/or an audio engineer. He is a husband, a father, and a proud Northsider since 1992. He likes guitars, BB guns, Asian food, and hiking. Feel free to drop him a line!
Lora Jost
About Lora Jost (2 Articles)
Lora Jost lives close by, works around the corner, and loves baseball.
Brandon E. Niehaus
About Brandon E. Niehaus (1 Articles)
Brandon E. Niehaus has a shoebox full of ideas and occasionally picks one out to focus on. He also enjoys dogs, pocket knives, and reading.
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About Ellen Vera (1 Articles)
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About Karen Andrew (1 Articles)
Karen is a big fan of Northside and likes to find out about its treasures. She’s a member of the Northside Community Council, Greenspace, and Citizens on Patrol and volunteers when she’s not working.
Fred Neurohr
About Fred Neurohr (1 Articles)
Fred is a research professional and a member of the Northside Community Council; he and his family have lived in Northside since 2006. Originally from the New York boroughs of Brooklyn & Queens, he roots exclusively for failing sports franchises from his hometown.
About Stefanie Sunderland (1 Articles)
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Casey Whitten-Amadon
About Casey Whitten-Amadon (1 Articles)
Casey is a licensed attorney in the State of Ohio specializing in Labor Law, Employment Law, and Labor Relations. He works with CUCI as project manager for Apple Street Market Cooperative and is the Stand-In Director for the Worker-Owner class. Born in College Hill, Casey’s family first moved to Northside in 1995.
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About Ericka McIntyre (1 Articles)
Ericka McIntyre is a freelance writer and editor who lives in, works in, and loves Northside.
Melissa English
About Melissa English (1 Articles)
Melissa English is Development Director of Ohio Citizen Action, the state’s largest non-profit environmental group. She lives in Northside with her husband Tim Golliher and their spoiled rotten cat Pinky.
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Social Media Manager for C&D Cafe
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