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A Safe Environment to Experience Bold and Practical Teaching

We cordially invite the Northside Community to join us, Lion of Judah Christian Center, in worship.

Our Place--this is where it all began in the Northside Community. Photo: LaShanda Turner

Our Place–this is where it all began in the Northside Community. Photo: LaShanda Turner

Our Worship - this is where we come together to celebrate God. Photo:  LaShanda Turner

Our Worship – this is where we come together to celebrate God. Photo: LaShanda Turner

Bold, radical, passionate teacher”–these are the words that are commonly associated with Pastor E. Leon Starks of Lion of Judah Christian Center, Inc. Beginning with a Bible study in his home, Pastor Starks began teaching on some of the myths of the Church that actually kept people in bondage. While witnessing the freedom that people were receiving, he gained more clarity concerning the church that God wanted to birth. In December, 2002 Lion of Judah was established. Pastor Starks’ philosophy of ministry is simple- “deliver the word of God straight up with no fluff”. Worship should be vibrant, lively, and participatory with no fanfare or showiness, but pure expressive worship. Our name, Lion of Judah, literally means “strength of praise.” True worship is transformative and is one of the greatest weapons you can use against the enemy. We invite as well as encourage sincere worship from every person who attends our services. If you desire to experience God in a real way, we urge you to check us out.

Our Vision is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to those seeking to establish or improve their relationship with Jesus Christ. A safe environment is characterized by a casual atmosphere – both physically and socially that supports a come as you are (but not stay as you are) attitude. Lion of Judah welcomes people from all races and backgrounds. It’s not where you’ve been, but where you’re going that matters to us.

Our Objectives 1) to develop the God given talents and abilities untapped and possibly unknown to each individual, 2) identify strategies to keep youth on track socially and academically, 3) validate and confirm the wholeness of single men and women, 4) provide guidance to single and/or young parents in their efforts to raise children, 5) help conquer addictive behaviors and 6) offer tools for sound financial management. Future plans would be to host scout meetings, after school programs for kids and self help groups such as AA, NA and Al-Anon for adults.

Our Building–When you see the place we have chosen to worship in, it is not by accident we ended up in a house. Our Sanctuary is located on the upper level. We chose to furnish it with couches and chairs typically found in a living room. The space is warm and inviting with an open atmosphere. The Community Room (lower level) has a café feel. This is where we chill, chat and enjoy coffee and food prior to and after our worship services.
Also on the lower level is a room for our little ones, “Little Hands for Jesus” that has enough learning tools and toys to keep them busy during worship. We are currently looking to expand our basement area, specifically for teens, to give them a spot of their own to “kick back”, have fun and keep them off the streets. Add to this two additional rooms to gather and meditate, and you’ve got Our House. It is truly a “house of worship.”

To fulfill a current need, we are seeking volunteers to teach our youth (ages 7-12) and “Little Hands for Jesus” (ages 4-6) on Sunday mornings. We’re looking for volunteers to head up some of the self-help programs mentioned above. Donations of student desks, chairs, shelves, file cabinets, computers or any other items that can be used to help set up an after-school program for kids will greatly be appreciated. Items need to be in new or good condition. We are accepting monetary donations to assist with future plans in setting up and offering useful programs to kids and adults in the Northside Community. Monetary donations can be sent to LOJCC, P.O. Box 1094, Cincinnati, OH 45201. We are a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. If anyone is interested in volunteering or if you have items you wish to donate, please contact John Penny, 513-551-3421.

For more info: To find out more about us, we cordially invite the Northside Community to join us in worship on Saturday, July 19, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. 4400 Hamilton Ave. A cookout and tour of the building will follow immediately after the service. Dress is casual. Please contact Dori Starks at 513-825-1524 with questions.

By John Penny


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