Terence Hammond | Stand up! organize 2011 | Screen print on paper 18 24 x 24” panels

The neighborhood’s unique mix of urban and intellectual, history and modernity, provides fertile ground for boundless creativity. Case in point: Artist/author Emily Moores’ new book: Cincinnati 5: Artists Impacting the Community. The book seeks to celebrate “five artists whose work has built community in the City of Cincinnati.” A companion exhibition at Wave Pool will coincide with the book’s release, and include all five artists: Pam Kravetz, Mark Patsfall, Michael Stillion, Terence Hammonds and Future Retrieval (Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis).

It should come as no surprise that Northside features prominently in the work. Moores, a Northsider, enlisted a panel of local art luminaries, who in turn chose five exemplary and civicminded artists. Along with Moores, panelist Maria Seda-Reeder and artists Terence Hammonds, Katie Parker, and Guy Michael Davis all live and work in Northside.

Moores earned her MFA in Studio Art from the University of Cincinnati. In addition to her work with Cincinnati 5, she’s exhibited at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), as well as in Cleveland and Austin, Texas, among others. Her installation work juxtaposes the everyday with the fantastic. Paper, plastic and wire arrange into fractal, organic shapes which explore society’s often-destructive relationships to nature and femininity.

Cincinnati 5 panelist Maria SedaReeder fosters the next generation of artists as an adjunct instructor with University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). As a founding member of the Near*By Curatorial Collective, SedaReeder helps bring art out from gallery spaces and into the larger community. Seda-Reeder is also an accomplished freelance writer and regular contributor to CityBeat newspaper. Through her writing and curatorial work, Seda-Reeder builds Cincinnati’s art community from Northside to Kentucky and beyond.

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Future Retrieval | Stilled Life 2011 | Porcelain, china paint, and luster, 10’ x 35’ x 15’

It speaks volumes that artist Terence Hammonds, educated at Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts and no stranger to European galleries, chooses to live in Northside. A Cincinnati native, Hammonds grew up informed by a city rich with Italianate Architecture and patterns. This sense of history informs his work as director of Rookwood’s silkscreening department. Just as he learned as a School for Creative and Performing Arts student under printmaker Mark Patsfall, Hammonds’ position at Rookwood has him overseeing the interns who will build the Cincinnati of tomorrow.

Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis’s partnership began in the Kansas City Art Institute’s pottery BFA program. Their shared passion for the laborintensive beauty of ceramic has sustained a fruitful personal and professional partnership. After earning Ceramics BFAs from the The Ohio State University, Parker and Davis made the trek down I-71 and found home in Northside. Both work shaping the future of Queen City art as faculty with UC’s DAAP college, Parker an Assistant Professor and Davis an Annualized Assistant Professor. Their work challenges what is possible in porcelain. For their Grand Theft exhibition at The Carnegie in Covington, Ky., Parker and Davis used a 3D scanner to digitally map famous American works. They then re-created the works in porcelain, presenting the old in a revolutionary new light.

Cincinnati 5: Artists Impacting the Community by Emily Moores will be released on Feb. 20. A companion exhibit will take place from 7-10 p.m. on the same day at Wave Pool, 2940 Colerain Ave. in Camp Washington.

Written by Keith Good

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