Charting a Path Forward for The Northsider Monthly

Michelle and Leo

The first thing Michelle and I want to express is our sincere thanks.

Thank you to Jeni Jenkins for carrying the weight of the Northsider for two straight years. That is more than can be asked of anybody, and it’s because of her that The Northsider Monthly is alive and well today. Thank you also to the Northside Community Council. Your volunteer support and constant bolstering of our neighborhood plays a direct roll Northside’s growth as one of Cincinnati’s destination neighborhoods. And thank you to the readership. Your commitment to reading The Northsider Monthly is the reason for its existence. Without your readership, without your feedback, without your interest, The Northsider Monthly would cease to exist.



Michelle and I are transplants.

We moved from Washington, DC to Cincinnati six years ago. We purchased our home on Pullan Avenue three weeks later. This is an amazing neighborhood. It has an impressive stock of creative talent. Northside’s definition of diversity traverses race, class, gender and sexuality. For us, that sealed the deal because any community that can hold that up as an asset is a neighborhood filled with people who share similar values to which we, too, are committed.

Michelle is a design and visual communications specialist. She is a founding Principal and the Creative Director of Reverb Art + Design in Downtown Cincinnati and is Consulting Creative Director of a DC-based communications firm. She is a parent, an outdoor enthusiast, and loves to travel. Top destination choices: Italy’s Tuscan countryside and the Badlands.

Leo is a political and communications specialist. In partnership with Michelle, Leo is a founding Principal as well as Chief Communications Officer of Reverb Art + Design. He gladly shares the role of parent with Michelle, runs twenty miles a week, and equally enjoys both children’s literature and historical non-fiction. If you get the chance, ask Leo about the history of Grimm’s Fairy Tales!


Together we will look to grow The Northsider Monthly in three ways.

First, we will have an eye toward process and sustainability. We will build so as to leave The Northsider better than when we became part of it. Michelle and I will draw in a broader swath of editors, writers, photographers and designers to create a stable flow content streaming into The Northsider. Likewise, we will look to draw in folks who can help with production and distribution. Our neighborhood is growing, and we intend to tap that growth, then translate it into a sustainable neighborhood newspaper.

Second, our focus will be on creating a narrative strategy for The Northsider. This will mean stabilizing sections so that they are the same from month to month and diversifying content. Look for new sections in the coming months! We are planing a comics section. Short stories can be fun, engaging and impactful. Look for dialogue on the arts, on civic leadership, increased community engagement and politics. We want feedback. This publication should not operate as a one-way stream of information. It should be a forum for community-based conversation. We will open a letters to the editor and op-ed section.

Finally, we recognize that The Northsider Monthly—as a literary object—offers people a lens through which to view our large and diverse Northside community. Any lens has at least two qualities: it can both reflect and project. In this way, The Northsider acts as both a reflection of how we see ourselves, and a projection of how others around Cincinnati view us. Being conscious and aware of this, we will see to it that the words written in these pages offer honest, humble, complex and inclusive ideas of who we Northsiders are currently and who we want to be as we move forward together.


All this means exploring The Northsider’s identity.

We will ask meaningful questions about what this publication is and what it ought to be. Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you and to growing the conversation on everything we’ve mentioned here. From both of us, we wish you all a sincere, warm and happy holiday season! TO REACH OUT DIRECTLY TO THE NORTHSIDER MONTHLY TEAM: Email:



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