Catapult Music Festival Launches Hip Hop Out of the Golden Era and Into the Future


Catapult’s co­hosts Abiyah and Juan Cosby strike a pose in front of Object, Northside’s newest retro furniture store. Wall painting by Spencer Van Der Zee. Photo: Andrew Doench.

Northside Music Event to Feature Post-Rap and Hip Hop-Influenced Future Electronic Artists in Effecting a Paradigm Shift

Local progressive hip hop/cross­genre veteran Abiyah and Grasshopper Juice Records helmsman/electronic artist Nick Mitchell (who performs under the moniker Juan Cosby) recently announced their inaugural Catapult Music Festival, a free one ­day post­rap and electronica ­influenced music event to be held in Cincinnati’s eclectic Northside neighborhood on Saturday, May 3, 2014. Catapult will be held concurrently from 9pm until 2am at Northside Tavern (front room and back room) and Chameleon, both on Hamilton Avenue, in the Northside Entertainment District. The event will also feature a DJ happy hour at The Listing Loon from 5pm to 8pm that day.


“We created Catapult out of a desire to move minds out of the ‘taking it back to that hip hop’ mode of thought into what hip hop is currently experiencing, both musically and sonically, as it matures,” explains Abiyah. “Much like how post­punk artists were influenced by the sounds and statements of punk and forged new approaches in a post­punk era, so it is now occurring with what was considered underground hip hop. Beats are increasingly electronic in nature, with many artists replacing traditional DJs with SP­404 samplers, while many underground hip hop legends are veering off into new genre territory. Part of our mission with the Catapult Music Festival is to shift hip hop into a new paradigm where cross­genre songs are not only welcome but encouraged.”

Headlining the festival will be forward­thinking New York City­based musical artists louis logic and Tonedeff. They will be supported at Northside Tavern by a slew of Cincinnati’s like­minded adventurous musicians, including Abiyah, Counterfeit Money Machine, Eugenius, Juan Cosby, Sudan Moon, Talk Mouth, Mr. Pointy, livmartez, Anonymous The Author, and B­Rad From The Breeze. “Both Tonedeff and louis logic have been firmly rooted in the national underground hip hop scene for the last 10 to 15 years,” endorses Abiyah. “They are a true representation of what Hip Hop is capable of, if set free from the confines of stereotypes and cliches.

Meanwhile, Chameleon will boast a lineup of several future­-electronic/soul/experimental musicians, including Blackey Portland, Lysurgix, Supa, Aytiko, and Elysium, as well as additional members of Cincinnati’s electronic music and fine arts collective known as Cinthesizer. Cinthesizer is a collective of Cincinnati­-based instrumental beat producers and visual artists. From projection mapping to live electronic jazz improvisation, Cinthesizer explores a wide range of artistic mediums while sticking to their niche beat sounds. Constantly creating content, this beat cartel has made big waves since its debut in August of 2013, and is fueled by a weekly Tuesday residency at Chameleon.

Abiyah and Juan Cosby promise that this event has yet to hit its full potential, as the duo plans to broaden their venue and artist­ base extensively for next year’s Catapult Music Festival. “As the Northside Entertainment District continues to grow and develop in subsequent years, so will the festival,” promises Abiyah. “We intend to grow and expand as much as the post­rap world and the artist who live in it will allow us.”


For more information on the festival, visit the official Catapult Music Festival Facebook fan page at Stay up to date with event features by following Catapult on twitter @CatapultMusic7.



By Nick Mitchell

Nick Mitchell
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