The Northsider Newspaper is a community newspaper created by and for the Northside Neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Northsider was originally founded as The Metro Northsider by Worley Rodehaver. In March 2013 Worley retired from publishing the paper and the Northside Community Council was tasked with assessing the viability and sustainability of the paper, as well as whether or not the community would like to see the paper continue. After a few months of research and hardwork the paper was revived and began publishing in October 2013.

Mission Statement:

As an independent monthly communication, The Northsider’s mission is to engage and inform about life and culture in the Northside Neighborhood.  As such, The Northsider is committed to providing timely, quality and informative community news and opinions while embracing the diversity of the neighborhood.

Organizational Structure:

The Northsider is a Nonprofit Limited Liability Company overseen by the Northside Community Council. The Northside Community Council is a volunteer, community-based organization that provides an opportunity for all individuals and groups in the community to participate in Northside’s present and to chart Northside’s future.  As such, it is committed to bringing people of diverse backgrounds and opinions together in an atmosphere that fosters cooperation and communication.

The Northside Community Council meets the third Monday of the month, (except January and February, fourth Monday due to holidays) at 7:00 pm at McKie Recreational Center, 1655 Chase Avenue.

The Northsider Monthly newspaper is published on the first Friday of the month and is distributed to businesses and residents living in the 45223 zip code.