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COVER ART: Northsider Featured Artist Debra Maloney

by northsider in Blog

Debra Maloney, Featured cover artist for Vol. 1 Issue 15 December 2014 ANorthside resident since May 2014, Debra Maloney is a freelance artist, lyricist and vocalist. The [...]




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    Happy Holidays From Happen

    December 12, 2014

    Every year Happen, Inc celebrates the holidays with free special events for the community.  “We focus on bringing families together through creative activities and the [...]
  • northside-review
    (Far Left) Kristen Kreft & Beth Harris perform at the Apple Street Market Party fundraiser on July 19th. Photo: Tina Gutierrez. (Top Left) Brainstorming at Chase [...]
  • IMG_0733_2
    The day after Thanksgiving has a reputation for being aggravating and stressful but Happen, Inc. has a plan to make it more about family fun than busy malls and traffic jams. [...]


  • Happy hour customers enjoying entrees. Photo: Nick Mitchell.

    Eats | A “Fresh” Take On Classic Recipes

    December 9, 2014 // 0 Comments

    Gary Clark, Chef and owner of Fresh, preparing his famous 3CGC sandwich. Photo: Nick Mitchell. This year’s momentous Northside Rock n’ Roll Carnival marked the soft [...]
  • Melissa Cox Howard behind the counter at the Kitchen Factory  Photos: Ericka McIntyre

    The Kitchen Factory

    August 10, 2014 // 0 Comments

    The Kitchen Factory, 1609 Chase Avenue Photos: Ericka McIntyre The late-night slice window at the Kitchen Factory Photos: Ericka McIntyre At the corner of Apple and Chase, [...]
  • Photos: Andrea Millette
    This slideshow requires JavaScript. Bistro Grace opened their doors on Black Friday of 2013, taking over the space where Honey previously resided on Hamilton Ave., near the [...]





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  • Women_cold_color
  • Psychedelic rainbow zebra, by Debra Maloney, Cover Art Vol. 1 Issue 15 December 2014
  • parade
  • Northside Surplus’ merchandise includes military flags, insignia, backpacks, and kits. Photo: Karen Andrew
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  • wesleyan
  • IMG_0733_2
  • CAIN Angel Shop in action – shopper assisting guest in choosing gift for teen son. Photo: CAIN.
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  • ginger
  • It's A Tree
  • Apple Street Market Proposal_Page_8
  • Northsider Vol 1 Issue 14_ WEB_Page_01
  • Cover Art Vol. 1 Issue 15 November 2014 by Steve Meek
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  • BV_MWMUbw
  • Nik on Fire Prairie Trail, Big Cypress National Preserve
  • black47
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  • house tour
  • rapport 2
  • phase1Progress1movie
  • Afternoon Everybody podcast cover. © Geoff Tate
  • Signs of Life on Knowlton Street
  • Melissa Cox Howard behind the counter at the Kitchen Factory  Photos: Ericka McIntyre
  • YardSaleHub1
  • Artwork by Jeni Jenkins
  • rock-n-roll-
  • Northsider_Insert_Header
  • From left: Jeff McElravy (Director of the Department of Trade and Development, City of Cincinnati); Greg Koehler (Senior Economic Development Officer, City of Cincinnati); Jake Dietrich (Gantry Project Manager); David Mann (Cincinnati Vice Mayor); Sue Wilke (Northside Community Council); Tim Jeckering (community representative); Scott Stiles (Interim City Manager) (Photo: Jon Hughes/photopresse)
  • photo 1-2-2
  • Mentor, Nathan Goodwin, meets with students for the first time. Left to Right: Samarion, Nick, and Kahjir. Photo: Submitted by Cincinnati Urban Promise.
  • Photo: Andrea Millette
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  • education
  • Photo: Jon Hughes/photopresse
  • ThumbsUp
  • Northside resident Jon Flannery's exploration in cut/torn paper collage, created for the May 2014 cover of the Northsider.
  • Students and volunteers work together on “What I Am” at Hoffner Lodge Photo: Stephen Metz
  • Students in OTR select books at the 2013 Ride for Reading event. Photo: WordPlay
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  • shakeit
  • Photo: Jon Hughes/photopresse
  • feet (grass)
  • Elodie Freeman's cover art
  • NCC Meeting
  • booboobuddies
  • Happen Birthday
  • Community Yoga class during the summer of 2013 at Hoffner Park during the Northside Farmer’s Market 
Photo: Christopher Bueker
  • Ohio offers a wealth of delicious foods
  • Jeni Jenkins
  • “We don’t sell you what you want, we sell you what you need” -Bill “Ace” Dickhaus
  • Chelsey Hughes cover art
  • Photos: Andrea Millette
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  • Northside Up for Grabs Day 2014
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  • Grocery cart
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  • Happy hour customers enjoying entrees. Photo: Nick Mitchell.
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